Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Well hello my fellow bloggers, I know I know I’m posting a lot more frequently these days, but thats just because I’m making up for lost time. In truth I was reading this article about David Bowie and I figured it was as good as any to write about, freedom of expression remember? The article was basically about an up and coming unapproved movie titled “stardust” about his life. I guess it really was unapproved because Bowie’s family is totally against it wanting nothing to do with it and is even saying that none of his music will be featured. You ever hear the saying that “it is better to ask for forgiveness than permission?” Maybe that’s what the goal of this biopic was intended to do but in some cases getting the permission of the family of the person you are about to make a movie about is definitely a better way to get things to run smoothly.This article was published yesterday actually on February 1, 2019 by Martin Keilty on Feel free to read it yourself, David Bowie’s son is the most vocal of the family members taking to twitter to voice his opinions about the entire topic. All I can say that I hope in some way the  concept as to who the biopic is about and honoring the memory of this person isn’t lost in some epic battle between the family and the director. Tell the story the way it was meant to, not the way you think it should be, isn’t that all that really matters?

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Welcome Back Old Friends..

It’s been quite some time hasn’t it? Well let’s just say I’ve been a little busy trying out this whole adulthood thing and trust me it’s no walk in the park, but there are some good parts to it. Like I found that dealing with problems in the real world the way you did in high school don’t exactly go well together. But I also learned that channeling the way you expire yourself through your words is also another alternative to making a complete and total fool of yourself in front of your peers. Sorry guys I’m starting to ramble guess I’m a bit nervous after so long.

Anyway here’s a list of things that I found that I both came to like and utterly loathe when it came to writing about pretty much anything, Check it out and tell me what you think


  1. Being able to tell a story
  2. Creating A world of your own
  3. It is the Expression of one’s innermost thoughts ,ideas and revelations either about themself or others
  4. Allows you to keep track of thoughts you would otherwise forget
  5. Opens a whole new network of communication to you
  6. Capable of showing your vast knowledge on a specific topic
  7. It gives you a “second voice” to share ideas
  8. Allows words to be said without saying them out loud
  9. Can change a thought entirely based on punctuation
  10. Has the ability to change the minds of hearts of the masses


  1. Takes longer to deliver thought than speech
  2. Spelling errors and punctuations are necessary to give a cohesive thought
  3. Writer’s Block
  4. Being Unable to meet the requirements of assigned papers based on what they believe is a valid response.
  5. Adhering to grammar rules
  6. The need for longhand papers and essays
  7. Mandatory Assignments of more than a sentence when a sentence can deliver a complete thought just as well as a paragraph if not better at times.
  8. The rules you need to follow based on someone else’s ideas
  9. That its required for classes on such a ridiculous scale two pages are perfectly fine in some cases solely based on the topic at hand
  10. The use of obnoxious proofreading is unnecessary and pretentious, it is better off left for those without the need for writing with a purpose outside of making a living for themselves.

Yeah my list is kind of contradictory and scattered but its me you know? It’s how I developed my style of writing , and hopefully how I’ll continue to progress, anyway let me know if we share anything in common and Ill be glad to read what you post.

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Because I’m a Writer just like you…

Writing is a hobby for most people, but for some it is a bridge to a world far beyond their own in which hey can meet new people and discover brand new ways to innovate and recreate they that they see themselves and the way that others see them. There is a saying that “there are two types of people in the world”. Well that saying couldn’t be more true there really are two types of people in this world  but in this case those two are defined by the haves and the have nots and by that I mean those who have the power to change the world with their writing and those who haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what they can achieve should they set their minds to It and those my fellow writers are the people I will save for last. For those who have admittedly given in to their inner desire for conquest of the writing world there are a few things that we share in common here’s a quick list of just some of them that should sound familiar:

  1. You can write about the things you love… or hate , you freedom to choose is yours to do what you will. Wear your heart on your sleeve if that’s what you want or create a completely separate world or person to do it for you. How else do you think people become best selling authors?
  2. You can choose the hours that you want to work, it’s definitely an upside especially if you’re like me waking up early isn’t exactly your strong suit.
  3. Finally, who doesn’t enjoy the fact that people actually take time out their day to hear what they have to say, now when they share their thoughts  and actually can relate to the things you say then that can be the nail in the coffin for any doubt you had as to whether or not your words actually mean anything. Not all of us are celebrities or are the best at communication so getting a mention from a total stranger that your words have an impact for some is all they need to keep following the path to writing themselves into the hearts of anyone who cares enough to listen.

Well folks, whether you agree or not just know that you cared enough to listen to what this writer had to say and that’s enough for me , Swing by next time to hear what else  I might say.

Signing ofF for today,


Final Post

This year has finally come to an end and it was a good travel. I got to learn new things and meet different people from different places. I guess the only question that remains is if tenyears from now if I look back at my life, would I do it over again? I have had time to think about how fast life goes by and for a long time aI would have answered no without a second thought. However, as time went on and the more I thought about it, the more I realize I would love to have the chance do it all over again. Then and only then would I have the chance to fix any mistake that I may have made with the knowledge of knowing exactly how to fix them with the hopes of creating a better outcome. If I could start over again I would like to be able to start from my freshmen year of high school. Back then was before I knew anything about how high school worked and the new memories I would make and experiences that would come with entering a new place for the the first time. The new “adventures” that awaited me in high school have shaped my way of thinking I believe for the better, so if I did have the chance to do it all over again I would gladly welcome it because then I’d be able to make sure nothing I did that I wished I hadnt could ever happen in the first place.

Free Form

This may very well be one of the very last blogs that I will ever write. To tell the truth writing these blogs wasnt such a bad idea. Believe or not, I actually learned a few things since my senior year started, its a shame that its only in my final days as a high school student that I really started to get into it, you know? Suddenly with college off in the distance and only a few days left as a student, everything you wanted to leave behind when you graduate doesnt seem like as much of a hastle as it once was. This was by far the fastest school year that I have ever experienced and to be perfectly honest it wasnt all that bad, I got to learn how to create my own blog, website, I even learned how to make a podcast. In my opinion I think that these skills could come in handy one day. You never know, maybe one day I’ll decide to pick where I left off and continue this blog sometime in the future. Maybe by the time I decide to start writing my blog again I will have become a better writer, maybe even a journalist or something. By day a journalist and by night photographer capturing everything with the hopes of telling a story that not even words itself can describe. Its kinda my spin on Clark Kent ,reporting the news by day and helping those around him by night. Or at least something like that.

New Post

Where do I see myself in Ten Years? Now, that is something I think about almost everyday of my life, even though it might not be ten years exactly I do think about what my life would be like in the  Honestly I have no idea where I’ll be in ten years, I know this is suppose to be a guess but I have no clue what the future has in store for me. I like art and music and although I am applying to college for art its not something I see myself doing as a career for the rest of my life. Honestly if I were able to live my life going from country to country living freely with nothing but my music and art then that would be just fine by me. Then again that dream will most likely never become a reality.

So in ten years I’d most likely see myself in a life that I find is exactly , what I wanted but not in a way that exactly reflects who I am and that,  is what the biggest challenge I believe will be, not only finding what I want to do with my life but also finding something that I’m good at, and enjoy doing.You never know my life in ten years could be a photographer that lives in a place that overlooks the manhattan skyline only so that I can capture what people dont see,the magic and mystery that lies around every corner. Capturing everything they want and everything they dont only to realize that the hidden beauty of the unknown is exactly what they needed and exactly what I was able to show them,all with the push of a button. Yea that sounds like a life I’d be happy to live, one thats as unpredictable as the flash of a camera, yea sounds good to me.

New Post

I thought I’d try something new instead of writing only about the up and coming events of the week or homework like I usually do. There’s a question that I think about almost everyday, and I guess it kinda fits since my head is almost always in the clouds. My mind does wonder like most people’s tend to do but whenever it does, I start to think of things that can take my mind off of the noise of everyday life. See, I almost went off an a tangent again, talk about having a short attention span. That question that I mentioned earlier is ” What is the caged bird only wish?”, I’ve thought it over everyday for as long as I can remember but I always come up with the same answer. “It may not be his only wish but I believe that the caged bird’s greatest wish is to be free above all else.”

To be able to soar as high and as far away from its cage for even a little , isn’t that everyones dream? To be able to escape reality if even for just a second? To not have to worry about what comes next for the first time in your lives? Yea, I’d say that, that’s my wish as well I mean if asked the question again I’d know what my answer to it would be for sure. Maybe having your head in the clouds isnt such a bad thing I guess it does kinda force you to look beyond whats set in front of you in order for you to see something better. But then again maybe thats just me going off on a tangent again.